Distance Learning


This is our newest program! We are offering students who are participating in Distance Learning the ability to do their work here at Kicks For Kids. They receive Taekwondo training, assistance on their schoolwork, and supervision through the school day. All in a small group! 

After Schools

Our After School program is the ultimate program for school age students. We pick our students up right from school with our own fleet of vehicles and drop them off here at Kicks For Kids. They have time for a snack and reading then they train in a class with students at their training level.

Lil' Dragons

The program for our youngest students. We start our Lil' Dragons as young as 3 years old! They learn all about how to focus, how to kick and punch, how to work as a team, and most importantly, they have fun while they're doing it! It's the perfect way to introduce little ones to martial arts.


Our Juniors class offers the full Taekwondo training experience. They learn about self defence, effective punching and kicking techniques, blocking, sparring and traditional patterns. With all that, they are instilled with the values of martial arts like respect, focus, discipline and integrity.   

Teens & Adults

Just like our Juniors program, but even more intense. We train our Teen and Adult students to be their absolute best. They learn Taekwondo and all the patterns and sparring training that goes with it. They also learn self defence, weapon defence and training, and a whole lot more!  


Birthday Parties

Summer Camp


Mackenzie Orpen

4th Dan Master Instructor


Master Orpen runs the Kicks For Kids Demo Team: Team Extreme. She has been training in Taekwondo since 2006 and instructing since 2011. She is the coordinator of all our demos, and a nunchuck specialist. You can thank her for the awesome events during our camps!

Master Jesse Spiers

4th Dan Master Instructor


Master Spiers is the head instructor at Kicks For Kids. He has been training in Taekwondo since 2005 and instructing since 2008. He runs the Kicks For Kids sparring team every Saturday and runs an adult only boxercise class. His classes are intense and hard work but a lot of fun!

Ben Ingles

3rd Dan Instructor


Mr. Ingles is the Director and Creator of all the Kicks For Kids exclusive training videos. He has been training in Taekwondo since 2006 and instructing since 2012. He specializes in the technical side of things, like writing the monthly newsletter and designing this very website!



Getting Here:

At the corner of Ontario St. and Main St. Milton. Right beside car dealerships.

Our Address:

55 Ontario Street North, Milton Ontario L9T2T2



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