After Schools

The originalafter school program

The Kicks For Kids After School Program is the ultimate experience for students and parents.


Our After School students get picked up right from school in one of our vehicles and dropped off here at our facility. They get trained in an exclusive class. One for beginners, and another for advanced.

We offer a part time (3 days per week) and full time program (5 days per week) to give you more enrolment options.


Parents get to rest easy, knowing their kids are learning amazing things here while they work. And they don't have to rush to pick them back up!

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Did you know?

Kicks For Kids was the FIRST ever Martial Arts After School Program in Milton. Trusted for over 10 years!


Everyone working at Kicks For Kids has passed a Police background check for your safety and security.

more safety

Our After School bus drivers are trained to ensure the complete safety of all our passengers.


We pride ourselves in keeping a clean facility. Our rooms and training mats are regularly sanitized with all natural cleaning products!



Things have changed a lot over the last year. We are all taking precautions in our every day life to ensure the safety of ourselves and those close to us. We have put a lot of thought and consideration into ways that we can change our programs to make them as safe as possible for our students and parents. Below we have listed some of the adjustments we have made to our After Schools program to keep everyone as safe and healthy as possible!

  • Flexibility for at school pick up at dismissal time or an at-home pick up if you are electing to do distance-learning for your child but still would like to participate in the full afterschool program.

  • Hours including full care from time of pick up until 6pm.  This program suits everyone from 4-5 years old - our Little Dragons and students 6-12 years old - our Junior Program which trains students up to black belt and beyond.  

  • All Dragons participate in a 30 minute Taekwondo class each afterschool day and Juniors participate in a 45 minute Taekwondo class each afterschool day.

  • Flexibility to do 3 or 5 days each week.  If you select 3 days, you choose which 3 days you attend based on what works best for your schedule.

  • All students will be required to wear a mask on the van due to close proximity in the vehicles on the way to K4K.  This applies to all aged students in the program, everyone must have a mask with them.

  • Once each student arrives at K4K, they will go through the same screening process we have completed with all of our summer camp students and evening students since re-opening.  This includes a quick temperature check, and a checklist of symptoms.  Students will change 1 at a time or all siblings/bubbled families at each time.

  • In the event any student is experiencing COVID-19 related symptoms at the screening process or throughout the day, they will be isolated in a separate room from all other students and parents will be contacted for immediate pick-up.

  • Classes are equipped with grid systems marked on the floor so each student has their own designated training space which is separated 6ft. away from the next in all directions.  There is no contact between students in classes at this time.

  • Homework/snack/reading time will be separated into 3 zones instead of one afterschool room in order to create proper social distancing between students during down time.

  • Pick-up times will be noted where consistent to help schedule pick-up times in order to avoid overcrowding in common areas.  

It's a one of a kind experience!

One of our After School vehicles