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Having Fun with our Christmas Camp!

We had a 3 Day Christmas Camp to kick off 2018. Just enough to kick start the year for some of our students!

It may have only been 3 days, but they were 3 awesome days full of fun! To start off, we took a trip to Eazy Peazy Indoor playground. The kids got to burn all kinds of energy running around and having a blast.

Kicks For Kids at Eazy Peazy

Day 2 was a trip to Champs for some bowling! We reserved some lanes in the private VIP lounge area and got rolling. Our students are amazing martial artists, but when it comes to bowling... the bumpers are definitely up. No gutters balls for us!

To finish the camp off, we took the kids to the movies! We visited the Cineplex theatre here in Milton for a nice sit down experience. With popcorn and drinks for all, it makes for a nice Friday outing!

We would like to thank everyone who came out for our Camp, we hope you had as much fun as we did. Now that we're back in full swing, it feels nice to look back at some of the time we spent during our break!

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