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Celebrating 5 Years as K4K owners!

On May 26th 2022, we celebrated 5 years as the owners of Kicks For Kids!

When we first purchased Kicks For Kids in 2017 it was an absolute blur of activity. All the paperwork, the visits to the bank, lawyers, and accountants. There was the late nights of planning and securing loans. On top of that, the continued day-to-day work of operating K4K was chaotic.

Through it all, the real MVPs are the people who supported us and our business. When we first took over, we had the support of our members to get us through the chaos. When we were forced to close our facility down to Covid-19 restrictions, we had the support of our members who chose to continue to train virtually. Despite the struggles of being open and closed over and over during the last two years it was our members who kept us going.

Reflecting on the last 5 years has me feeling grateful. Watching fresh faced new students grow into committed and determined martial artists is an incredible thing. Developing the grit that comes from persevering through your training is truly inspiring to see. Telling yourself "I can do it" and going to great lengths to prove yourself right is a true show of personal strength. We've had the good fortune to see a lot of students show us their strength, both physically and in their character.

So consider this a thank you note. Thanks for helping us find 5 years of success, here's to another 5!

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