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March Break 2023 Recap!

We had a great March Break here at Kicks For Kids! We had one of our busiest camps ever and it was an absolute blast!

The week began with the campers getting acquainted with each other and their instructors. They then participated in a variety of Taekwondo training sessions, learning various kicks, punches, self defence, and patterns. The training was led by experienced instructors who ensured that everyone was challenged while also having fun. Our training groups were split into a beginners group for our new campers and an advanced group for our experienced students.

In addition to Taekwondo, the campers enjoyed a range of games and activities. Some of the favorites included doctor dodgeball, pad jumping, and races. These games helped the campers build teamwork skills and made for some exciting competition!

Throughout the week, the campers also went on several activity trips. They first visited a rock climbing gym, where they got to test their skills on various climbing walls. Next, they went to a laser tag arena, where they had a blast playing different game modes.

The campers also had the opportunity to explore nature, visiting both Bronte Creek and Crawford Lake. At Bronte Creek, they walked the paths through the park and played in the epic play barn, while at Crawford Lake, they hiked the boardwalk around the lake and learned about the history and culture of the First Nations people in the longhouses.

Finally, the campers visited Wellington Museum, where they learned about the history of the area and participated in a variety of interactive exhibits.

Overall, the week was filled with fun and exciting activities, and the campers learned new skills and made lasting memories. The instructors did a fantastic job of ensuring that everyone was safe, engaged, and having a great time!

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