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The Spread Out SPOOKTACULAR Halloween event!

Hey there!

Last night we had our annual Halloween party! We knew of course that this year it had to be different, to respect social distancing guidelines and be safe for all our visitors and staff members.

Our team came up with the idea of doing a "pass through" type of event with three different sections. We had Game Room 1 with a set of games and prizes for each group, Game Room 2 with a different set of games and prizes for each group. And finally, visitors were taken through the Trick or Treat Hallway where behind each door stood a spooky staff member or volunteer with a bag of goodies waiting to hear the magic words: Trick or Treat!

In addition to the trick or treating, we had the place all decked out in Halloween decorations, including three larger than life, fully animatronic Halloween creatures that made you move very cautiously down the hallway!

We hope everyone had as much fun at our Halloween event as we did. See you again next year for more spooky fun!

Check out some highlights and a walkthrough video below!

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