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Milton Santa Claus Parade 2017!

We had a great time last Sunday at the Milton Santa Claus Parade. We even got snow!

Our team made it out to the starting position of the parade and did some warmup and stretching. It was pretty darn cold so the anticipation to get started was building. Once the floats in front of us started moving, we knew it was go time!

Team Extreme was on their A-game from the very start. I took a couple of videos and pictures from the back of our van of them performing. It was pretty incredible. From the time when we left the starting position to the to time we arrived at the end of the parade line, it took over an hour and a half. That's a long time to be constantly kicking, punching, chopping and yelling Assah!

About half way through the parade, the road started to become very slippery. And when you're walking and performing Taekwondo at the same time, it becomes the ultimate balance test! Luckily, there were no falls during the parade. Those kids have some serious skills!

By the time we finished, everyone was pretty cold, Team Extreme was sweaty AND cold. We popped into Pizza Nova and hooked up everyone who helped out with some nice hot pizza.

Team Extreme finally gets some rest.

All in all, it was a great event. A huge thank you to everyone who helped us make the Kicks For Kids float possible, you guys are the real MVPs!

PS. Here's an awesome video recap of some of the performance techniques. Enjoy!

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