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November Graduation event!

Well, we just finished up another great Graduation Celebration last Friday. There's no feeling like watching students work so hard for this. They push themselves, fall down and pick themselves back up, then put everything they've learned to the test, finally emerging successfully with a brand new belt.

Graduation night is a celebration. It allows our demo team to showcase their skills, it gives the students something to look forward to after a nerve racking test, and it's the perfect excuse to chow down on some pizza! 🍕 🍕 (although this time we underestimated the demand for pizza, next time we'll order more)!

This time around, Team Extreme did one long 15 minute performance with back to back demos. I filmed the last segment of the demo that's approximately 2 minutes long. It was phenomenal! There's a link below for you to watch!

If you're wondering how we have multiple shots of the same performance without having any camera operators bumping into each other, I'll have you know that we did this is three separate takes. The first practice run, the second practice run, and the final performance. The shots that include the crowd are from the performance. The closer shots taken from the floor are from the practice runs. They've been blended together to create a continuous video of the performance that I hope you enjoy!

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