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Our Christmas Party and Date Night!

We've combined two events into one awesome super event! In exactly one week today - on Friday, December 15 we will be hosting a Christmas Party here at Kicks For Kids. But this Christmas Party will also serve as a date night for the Kicks For Kids parents!

Our last date night was a big hit so we wanted to throw another, but make it even better! This time we will be providing pizza and juice for the kids, so after doing some training and games, everyone can take a break to chow down. To top it off, the party will last for 3 hours! That's long enough to catch a scary movie!

But hey, it's your 3 hours to spend how you like!

We are pretty excited about this event and we think it's going to be even better than the date night we hosted back in May! It's a lot of fun for the kids, and it may also be the perfect chance to cram in some Christmas shopping!

The price for the event is $10 cash per kid and spots are going really fast. It's gonna be a full house!

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