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Our 1st Anniversary Event!

Well guys, on May 26th, we celebrated our 1st anniversary as the owners of Kicks For Kids! It was a pretty big day for us so we wanted to make sure we threw an awesome party that everyone would enjoy.

It just happened to line up perfectly with the timing of our graduation. So on the night of our graduation ceremony, we added a line up of fun activities. Right after the students received their brand new belts and watched Team Extreme put on an amazing performance, we had a whole lot of pizza out and ready to be eaten! The amazing parents of some of our students brought in extra goodies as well!

As the students were finishing their pizza, we sneakily set up our surprise game. Bubble soccer! It was a huge hit with the students. Check out the shots below!

It was a lot of fun to watch, I can only imagine how much fun it was to participate!

We also had a colouring station where our artistically inclined students were able to colour some materials to be entered in a contest for the upcoming Strawberry Fair on June 23! Team Extreme will be performing there at 12:30 by the way!

While all this was happening, we busted out the cake. A giant rectangular slab of frosty goodness, and enough to go around! We chowed down on cake and pizza, played games and all the while we had another special surprise.

We had a special guest come to take professional pictures of our students and the event. The extremely talented Caitlin Ingles of BluBelle Photography took incredible action shots of all the happenings. She also took great individual pictures of students who volunteered for them and we are releasing those pictures for everyone soon!

We hope everyone had as much fun at the Anniversary Event as we did. It was a great way to celebrate a great year and we've got a ton of amazing pictures to remember it!

Have a wonderful day!


(PS Here's some more pics of the the event below for you to enjoy)

PPS Last but not least. We'll release all the rest of the great pictures of our amazing students from this event in a big album for everyone to tag yourselves in and share!

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